How to Stop Safety Glasses from Fogging Up

Undoubtedly, fogging eyewear is quite irritating, particularly if it occurs constantly. Many people experience foggy glasses while jogging, cycling, or performing sports activities. If you need anti-fog safety glasses while performing tasks and don’t know what to do. You are in the right post regarding information.

Let’s understand the basics of fogging and how it builds.

Fogging is the collection of misty substances that spread over the eyewear lens surface, particularly at an inappropriate time. Thus, eyeglasses fog up because of condensation, a procedure of converting gases into a water state. This happens when vapors of warm water strike an icy surface. As a result, fog looks like a transparent or white-colored substance. The same situation occurs when you wear a mask because warm breath will rise under and strike the surface of chilly lenses.

Five Easy Steps to Prevent Foggy Eyeglasses:

Waiting for eyeglasses until they become clear is not a practical way. For example, if you have demanding activities like painting, teaching, driving, or working with a machine, clear vision is crucial every time002E

Technically, you may require an anti-fog solution that can keep your eyeglasses lenses crystal clear for extended hours, not for a short duration. Besides, the anti-fog method should secure the surface of the lenses. Keep in mind and pick one that is effective and keeps your eyewear safe.

1- Idea Of Nose Clip

If your safety glasses become foggy while wearing a mask, perhaps you have an inappropriate fitting of it. You should adjust the mask with a nose clip. When you find the perfect place at your nose, apply a nose clip tightly over your nose bridge. An adjustable mask will act like a puff, suck warm breath and prevent fogging. If you have no nose clip with it, buy silicone self-adhesive. Or even you can stitch it quickly by yourself at home. It is simpler than your expectations.

2- Use Soapy Water

Another simple method of removing fog from your specs is liquid soap or mild detergent. Dry them in the natural air before wearing eyeglasses. Otherwise, you can use a microfiber cloth and gently pat over the lens surface in the right direction. A thin soapy layer will remain on safety lenses and prevent fogging. The soap molecules make a transparent coating to prevent a build-up of fog creation.

3- Use Anti-Fog Spray Or Coating

There are several commercial fog resistance sprays that make a good coat over your eyewear lenses after spraying. Most commercial defogging sprays use for safety glasses, goggles, diving masks, and personal safety equipment. Safety glasses with Anti-fog spray are a long-lasting solution.

But for this reason, look at the band that keeps a secure coating of eyeglasses. Don’t use this spray close to your eyes or skin because it can affect them. But a fog resistance coating is a better option because of automatic fix-over lenses.

4- Tackle Your Mask

There are two other incredible techniques to avoid foggy glasses while breathing.

First, slide your specs far from the nose so that proper air can circulate between the mask and eyeglasses. Or you can adjust your specs with the mask. But it depends on the style of safety glasses, it can be little upward or lower with the eyewear. In this situation, the weight of safety eyewear will not allow air to pass upward.

5- Use Safe Tape To Fix The Mask

If you haven’t sensitive skin, use adhesive tape that is skin safe because it will fix your mask in one place. Besides, it will seal the upper part of the mask and prevent specs from becoming misting. It is also helpful, and athletes use adhesive tape to block fog. Always use medicated tape so that it couldn’t damage the skin of your nose and eyes. And always wear Anti Fog safety glasses by Safety Eyeglasses for long-lasting results.

What about Fog Removing Wipes?

There is another handy and fast process, and that is defogging wipes. Some come in the packaging of wipes for single use, and some come with a microfiber cloth. You can reuse it when you need it.

Stay Away From A Few Things To Use:

  • Toothpaste: Sometimes, people use a home remedy, defogging tricks like toothpaste that can damage the lens surface. For example, some toothpaste products contain baking soda that can lead to scratches over the lens surface of eyeglasses. These scratches can distort your vision.
  • Vinegar: Vinegar is another home remedy many people use for removing fog from lenses. But it can damage the surface of eyeglasses and scratch resistance coating of lenses.
  • Saliva: Saliva is filthy and has no more potential to stop fogging over eyeglasses lenses. So, stay away from this hack if it comes to your mind.

Bottom Line:

Defogging prescription safety glasses lenses is crucial for clear vision. These above methods will help to defog the lenses of your specs. However, defogging coatings and wipes have strong recommendations because of testing. Thus, keep your lenses clear for an extended time. You can easily avail of these products online.

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