How to log in Myharmonyportal – Complete Guide

Do you want your Logitech harmony remote control to get managed? Are you looking forward to a site that can help you to meet your needs? Do you want your problems to get solved soon and in the easiest way? If the answer to all of these questions is yes then you have chosen the right site to enhance your knowledge. We will talk about Myharmonyportal today and see how it can help you to manage your needs and harmony control. So without wasting much time let’s get into the details.

What is Myharmonyportal?

It is a website designed to meet all of your needs and you can find solutions to problems. It can manage the Logitech Harmony remote control. With it, you can organize and manage your activities very well.

How to sign up for Myharmonyportal account?

If you are new to this site then you have to create a new account for it. You don’t need to worry because I will guide you on how to sign up for your account. You just have to follow the given below steps.

  • You have to open the official page of the harmony portal.
  • On the bottom corner, you will notice an option to sign up. Click it.
  • Then it will take you to the next page where you have to enter an email address and set a username and password. Then click next.
  • You will get a verification code on your email id for confirmation. Put that code in the relevant box. Then your account will be signed up.

How to log in to your harmony portal?

It would be really easy to log in to your account if you already have an account. Just follow the given easy steps.

  • Visit the official page of myharmonyportal.
  • You will see the login option. Click it.
  • Now enter the username and password. You will be logged in to your account in a minute.

How to recover your myharmonyportal password?

Have you forgotten your password? Not a big deal. I am here to give you a solution for recovering your password. Let’s see the steps.

  • Open the official page of this platform.
  • Below the login option, you will see the forget password option. Click on it.
  • A new page will open in front of you. You have to enter the email address that you gave for sign-up purposes. 
  • They will send you a code and you have to enter the password in the given box. When it’s done your password would be recovered.

Harmony public schools:

Myharmonyportal helps guardians to check the progress of their children. Parents can login to the portal and keep an eye on their students’ reports and other school documents. They can make an account by following these steps.

  • Visit the original website.
  • If they have already created an account then they can simply log in and if they don’t then make one to keep eye on their child’s progress.

How can you use your harmony remote?

It is a remote that is designed to control multiple devices. It is really easy and simple to use. First of all, you make an account and then just simply register your harmony device on this account. After that download the apps that you want to control and make your life easy. Then a custom remote will be designed so it can become easy for you to control all of your devices.

Setting up 665 remotes:

For setting your remote first of all charge it and after that on the harmony app create an account. You will see the set of instructions that you have to follow and connect with your wifi. You are all set to control your devices.


In this article, we have talked about a very interesting topic Myharmonyportal which helps you to control multiple devices. It requires less effort and is easy to use. I hope you like the details shared above.

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