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As you all know celebrities are the people who get all the attention of their fans. No matter how hard celebs try to keep their life private, fans still manage to get information about them. They are more interested to get details about their children as star kids and their lifestyle attracts them a lot. Today we will talk about Kenna Tota as people are really curious to know who he is and how old he is. If a star kid has his both parents from the industry they are likely to get more attention. So let’s find out details about Kenna and his parents. You have to read the article till the end.

Who is Kenna Tota?

You might all know a very famous American singer, songwriter, and actress Christina Milian Kenna is her son. If we talk about Kenna Tota then the little boy was born recently on the 24th of April 2022 which means he is 2 years and a few months old. Kenna’s zodiac sign is Tarus. His mother shared the news of his birth by sharing a cute picture of him.

Kenna Tota Siblings:

Kenna Tota has one brother and one sister. If we talk about his sister then her name is Violet Madison Nash who was born in 2010 and is 12 years old. His younger brother Isaiah Tota was born in 2020. As Kenna is only 1 year old there’s not much information about him but as people love Cristiana so let’s explore his life a bit.


Millian is his mother and his father’s name is Matt Pakora. So the couple met each other for the first time in 2017 at a French cafe where the manager introduced them to each other. Pakora is an author and performer and also into music so they had the same interests. But at first, Christina was not comfortable at approaching Matt.

Net worth:

As Kenna Tota is just 1 year old he doesn’t have any net worth but if we talk about her mom’s net worth then it’s 6 million dollars.

Christina and Matt’s dating life:

In the beginning, Milian hesitated to interact with Matt but he was attracted to his attractive looks. Then they talked with others and got to know that they had identical birthdays and their zodiac sign is also similar and the cosmos encouraged them to get married. So they exchanged their numbers and began dating.

They were in a long-distance relationship and both supported each other. With passing time they got closer to each other. She decided to spend her life with Matt as he made her feel like the luckiest girl on the planet. So that interesting relationship turned into a happily married couple.

Kenna tota’s Mom career:

As you all know Christina is a well-known singer and songwriter. She has collaborated with famous singers such as Jenifer Lopez, Hillary Duff, and Ja rule.  As mentioned earlier she is also an actress and if we talk about her roles in different movies then she has worked in American Pie, love doesn’t cost a thing, the wood, memories of the past, ghost of a girlfriend’s past, bring it on, be cool, falling in love, extra, be cool and snow globe. You must be stunned to know that she has worked in a number of movies. Christina has devoted his life to his favorite profession. She has earned a lot of fame and success.

Kenna’s father’s career:

We have talked a lot about Christina’s life and career. Let’s throw some light on Matt’s career. He released a song named as signification and its video is really amazing with an interesting theme. The theme was that his love came from heaven and with her he went to Paris and that tour was full of romance.

Ending words:

In this article, we have talked about Kenna Tota who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth as her parents are very rich. He is too little right now and his parents have shared a few details about it. As soon as they will reveal other details we will let you know. I hope you like this article.

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