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Kids nowadays love playing games and if you see you will find thousands of games on the internet.  You can find multiple categories. Almost every kid can find games of their interest on the internet. But nowadays Badal Wala Game has become the center of attention for kids. Many people must be aware of these games if they are not. I am here to share some interesting games related to it. This article is especially for kids who love to play games online. So let’s find out details about it.

Best badal wala game:

I am going to share a list of very interesting games that are easily available on the internet. Let’s have a glance at them one by one.

1- Clash of Clouds:

This game is very interesting and easy and anyone can play it. The theme of this game is that there are a lot of clouds and you have to make them fight with each other. You will get powers for your clouds as well. For instance, if you are hit with water or lightning you will get the power and it will be helpful in fighting off clouds. It is full of adventure and you can enjoy playing this game.

2- CloudRunner:

I can’t believe that any of you have not played the legendary game Mario let’s say 90’s kids have played it for sure. That was the best game so far. This cloud runner badal wala game is the same as Mario but there are no levels in it like Mario. The background of these games displays clouds that attract kids and make them feel fresh and good. In this game, they display clouds day and night as well. This game can be played on any phone because it doesn’t take up much space.

3- Ramp car jump:

The ramp jump game displays a theme in which a ramp is built on the clouds and you have to drive the car on those clouds. I know it might sound scary but when you play it you will get scared of falling clouds. The ramp is a little bumpy and if you don’t drive carefully you can fall. This interesting game is available for all android devices.

4- Jump into plane:

I guess this is the most interesting game so far. In this game, you are driving a car to safely land it on the ground from inside a flying plane. This Badal Wala Game is very difficult and the clouds can come your way while landing. The graphics of this game are fabulous. It is played by thousands of kids. If we talk about its downloading then 5 million people have downloaded it because it is easy to download.

5- Sky dancer run:

Do you remember the famous game temple run? At that time it was the most played game and it stayed hyped for a longer period of time. In that game, you used to run in a jungle escaping from monsters. The sky dancer Badal Wala Game is the same as it is. In this game, you have to run on the road tracks that are built on the clouds. It has different difficulty levels. If you fail to run straight you can fall from height. You have to run from one mountain to another. This game is made with amazing graphics. It is easily available on the internet. This is one of the best Badal Wala Games.

Other Badal Wala Games:

Apart from the above-mentioned games, there are numerous other games on this theme. For example, you can play sky children of the light, sky fighters, sky roller, galaxy sky shooting, sky force, dancing sky, and many more. All these games take a few MBs to download. You can enjoy them on any phone.

Closing remarks:

We have talked about kids’ favorite Badal Wala Games that are really interesting and as well as enhance the cognitive abilities of kids. They learn a lot of things from these games. You can say these are healthy games. Parents should see what kind of games their kids are playing. I hope you like this article.

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