Nokia X50 Pro Price, Release Date, and Review

Nokia is a company that was at its height of success back in the 19’s. Most of you might have used Nokia phones. The best thing about those phones was that they were strong enough not to get damaged even after falling from height. As per some news, Nokia is launching the Nokia x50 pro. It’s said that it would come with amazing features. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that you all have used a Nokia phone once in your life. Now in the world of smartphones, people usually prefer them. But let’s see the details of the new Nokia phone.

When is the Nokia x50 pro going to be released?

Nokia had stopped making phones but for Nokia lovers, it’s good news that they are releasing a new phone. Now let me tell you that the Nokia x50 pro is going to be released on 11th December 2022. It’s not going to be a keypad or an unusual phone. It’s a smartphone with all the latest features.

Features of this phone:

You all know that Nokia phones were so strong with amazing battery timing. Now when they are releasing a smartphone it also must have interesting features. So let’s see the Nokia x50 pro features one by one.


The first thing that attracts the users is the phone’s display. Nokia has made the display of this phone very interesting. You will get a 7 inches capacitive screen, it has gorilla glass for protection, and a 16M color display. Who wouldn’t want to buy such a spectacular phone? 

Battery life

This nokia phone is powered by Li-polymer 6900  mAh nonremovable battery. Like all other previous phones, Nokia x50 pro smartphones would also have a long storm. You can use your phones for at least 2 days with one charge. You can easily enjoy your movies and songs for hours without any tension from charging your phone.


You must be worried about the camera of this phone. Then let me tell you that you will get Quad 108 MP + 16 MP+32MP+5MP back camera and 64mp front camera which means you can take amazing selfies on your phone. The camera of this phone is of full resolution and is really strong. You can capture any moment in your Nokia phone.


Many phones have problems with storage. They install a few apps and then their phone goes out of storage. For using their phone they need to delete different items from their phones. But Nokia x50 pro is going to have 10BG/12GB RAM AND 256/512 GB ROM which is enough for every person. You don’t need to empty your phone to run essential apps.

Other important features:

One more important feature is the security of your phone. For that, you have a finger sensor that could be unlocked with your fingerprint. Moreover, you will have Bluetooth, a calculator, a compass, a flashlight, and many other features that all phones possess.

Price of Nokia x50 pro:

You have read all the details about the phone. Now you must be curious about the price of this amazing phone. Then let me tell you that you can get it for 42,600 rupees.

Final review:

The Nokia x50 pro has jumped into the race with all the important features. All these features are those that can fascinate you. We all are looking forward to the day when it will be released so more information about it could be shared with you. I hope you like this article.

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