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Celeb kids become the center of attention for all fans. As they live a very luxurious life they get attracted to it. Celebs and their lifestyles have a great influence on people’s lives. That’s the reason they love to gather all the information related to them. Today’s article is going to be very interesting as we will talk about Michaiah Hanks who belongs to a very famous family and almost all of the family members are from industry. She must have a very breathtaking lifestyle. I will share all the details about her life. But you have to stick to this article till the end to see interesting facts.

Michaiah Hanks Bio:

She is the daughter of eminent celebrities Chester Marlon Hanks and Tiffany Miles. Everyone knows the legendary actor Tom Hanks, Michaiah Hanks is his granddaughter. Chester is a notable actor and a rapper who had an affair with a journalist Tiffany and later had a daughter with her. 

This little girl belongs to a strat-studded family and was born in Los Angeles, the United States on 16th April 2016. She holds American nationality and is just 6 years old. If we talk about her ethnicity then from his dad’s side she is Greek and English whereas her mother’s side gives her African American descent.


There is a very interesting thing about Chet hank and tiffany that they never had a relationship. They were not married either. They just had a one night stand and that day they were drunk and Tiffany got pregnant. Chet never expected a baby from Tiffany but when he got to know about it he didn’t step back and took the responsibility. When Michaiah Hanks was born he stated that she is the best thing that ever happened to him.

Chet hank and his daughter’s news:

His daughter was born unexpectedly but he was very happy and he didn’t hide her from the media. On his Instagram account he posted a video that stated the following:

He said that I want to share the news with my people and i believe it should be shared with you that I have a daughter and she is the reason why I have become sober and she definitely has changed my life as she is the best thing ever happened to me. Moreover, he mentioned that it’s been a year since I have not taken any substance.

Michaiah Hanks father:

Chet Hank was born to Tom Hanks who was a veteran actor. Chet also made her name in the film industry where she worked in a number of movies and series. You might have seen him in the series Shameless and Empire. In your honor series, he played the role of Joey Maldini. If we talk about movies then these include Larry Crowne, Project X, fantastic 4, crystal skull, and a greyhound. 

Michaiah Hanks mother:

Tiffany is a journalist and graduated from California State University. Downtown she works in the news sector. There she has a lot of responsibilities such as account handling and processing paperwork etc.

Chet’s singing career:

He didn’t succeed in just one profession with acting. His singing skills were also amazing. He used to rap and collaborated with Wiz Khalifa. He also collaborated with FTRZ with Drew Arthor back in 2016.

Michaiah relationship with grandparents:

This little girl came as a blessing for the whole family. Everyone loves her so much she is close to all family members. Her grandmother stated that she is the luckiest and coolest grandmother to have such a cute angel as their granddaughter.

Net worth:

As Michaiah is a little girl she doesn’t have any net worth but her father is a well-known actor and rapper his estimated net worth is approximately 3 million dollars and her grandfather’s net worth is 400 million dollars. She is having a wonderful life filled with every luxury.

Closing remarks:

Michaiah Hanks was born as an angel in hank’s family and brought a lot of changes. She made her family so happy and they take the best care of her. I have shared all possible details above. I hope you like this article.

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