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Celebrities inspire the younger generation a lot and if they have kids then they get even more attention. As you know they live luxurious lives that attract every person. People try to follow them in almost every aspect of their life. The name Jasper Breckenridge Johnson has been spreading like a fire on the internet for a while now. People are curious to know who he is and what his lifestyle is. If you are one of those people then you have come to the right place. Read this article to get all details related to him. So let’s get into the details.

Who is Jasper Breckenridge Johnson?

You all must know the famous actor, producer, singer, director, and songwriter Don Johnson Jasper is his son. Jasper Breckenridge Johnson was born in LA, California on 6th June 2002. Jasper is American and holds American nationality and belongs to an ethnic group.

Don Johnson:

Don was born in 1949 and now he is 72 years old. He belongs to a very famous family and since his childhood, he was attracted to the film industry. Done participated in multiple plays and if we talk about his education then he attended the University of Kansas. Even though he studied drama at an American controversial theater that is located in San Francisco.

Jasper’s mother:

Jasper’s mom’s name is Kelley Phleger she was born in California on 22nd June 1969. She is 52 years old and she also belongs to a very well-known family. Her father was a lawyer who sent Kelley to an Urban High School in San Francisco. She is highly educated and completed her studies at the University of California. Kelley met Don at a birthday party in 1996. Their wedding was really dreamy and a lot of famous personalities attended the wedding ceremony.

Jasper Breckenridge Johnson siblings:

Jasper has 4 siblings 2 of them are his biological siblings and their names are Atherton Grace Johnson and Deacon Johnson. Atherton is a very famous model and she was born in 1999 on 28th December. If we talk about his half-sibling then he is a boy and the first child of his father Jesse Johnson was born in 1982. Jesse is also an actor. While his second half-sister is also an actress and her name is Dakota Johnson. She was born in  1989.


Jasper Breckenridge Johnson was interested in basketball since childhood. He started playing it when he was too young. In his freshman years, he joined his college team. he played for Santa Barbara High against San Marcos Royals and made his team win. Don was proud of his son and he shared the winning video with fans. It is reported that Jasper played for the West Coast Elite Under Armor team for at least 5 years.

Jasper’s physical appearance:

He stands 6 feet and 7 inches tall and weighs about 75 kgs. Jasper has a very impressive height and this is perfect for basketballers. People want him to become an actor because he is very handsome but he doesn’t want to become an actor because his whole family is in the industry. He wants to pursue his career in basketball and he also wants to do business.

Don and japer’s relationship:

They both share a very interesting relationship and we have seen them together in many places. Don is much into acting but he still manages time to go and watch his son’s basketball matches. Both are interested in this sport and that’s why they have a close bonding.

Don Johnson’s net worth:

Don has been working in the film industry for a very long time. He has worked in numerous hit movies. As per an estimate, his net worth is approximately 50 million dollars. Jasper Breckenridge Johnson has completed his studies and has not started any business so he is dependent on his father. He is living an amazing life.


Jasper Breckenridge Johnson is famous for being the child of Don Johnson. I have tried to share all details related to him. I hope you like them.

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