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Online purchasing and selling have become very common these days, and you will find thousands of online platforms where you can buy different goods. There is a company named RFL, and people who work for it know about the RFL Web Do BD portal. It can help you buy different products and enter orders. This article holds great importance for those who place orders for this company or buy products from them. You can also cancel your order if you want through this portal.

What is RFL Web Do BD

It is an online portal for RFL employees, who can log in through the provided email and password. RFL Web Do Bd is a platform where you can do a lot of things for the company, such as buying products, entering data, and ordering activation to update status.

How can you access and work at RFL Web Do BD?

You can find this company by searching for it on any web page, and there you will log in with the help of an authorized password and email. This will help you to complete various tasks as an employee of the company. If you want to work on this platform via your phone, then you must know the following steps.

  • On the Google search for RFL Web Do BD in a minute it would be shown in front of you.
  • Once you access it you will be taken to the next page where you would need to enter the email and password. 
  • The next page will show you different tasks that you can carry for the company.

Data entry rules for RFL Web Do

Once you log in to the web portal, it will take you to a new interface where, on the left-hand corner, you will note the data entry button. Click on it, and you will move to the next page. On this page, you have to do data entry such as selecting the item and its quantity that you want to order and then saving it.

It will keep it as a record. After that, you will see an option to check incentives, click on it and see if your total money or incentive is correct or not. If there is any issue with it then you can review it. The next step is to make sure that SE is zero. When it is 0 your order will get completed. Then comes the order activation process. Let’s walk through it.

RFL Web activation of orders

Data entry is not enough if you want it to reach the office you need to activate the order. On the interface, you will see an option for active orders; you have to click it. Once you click it will show a summary of your order and you can make changes here if you want to because it will be done here there is no way to change the details. After confirming click the active all button.

What does RFL Web damage approved status means?

When an order has to be delivered you do the data entry similarly when the order is sent back as a damaged product by the buyer, damaged data entry must also be added to the system. When this entry will be approved by the company the buyer will be able to see the status of his request. This option helps a lot for buyers to check whether the entry has been approved or not. If it gets approval the product would be exchanged and sent to the buyer/.


RFL Web Do BD is a web portal that has been developed for employees working at the company and it helps them to keep a record of products that are sent to consumers or shopkeepers as well as the products that have returned to the company. I have shared all the details above. I hope you will like this article.

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